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Sunday, 16 January 2011

THE CLASH - Kingston Advice (Bootleg CD)

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted any Clash stuff, so here we go with a copy of Kinston Advice, a bootleg CD released in 2004 by Kombat Records, and a fine affair it is to. Recorded on Nov 27th 1982 at The Jamaican World Musical Festival. It was The Clash’s last gig of that year, and the last one Terry Chimes played with the band, it was also the only time they played in Jamaica, with the band playing a more Reggae/Groove heavy set. They went on in the early hours of the morning, the sun rose as they finished their set, which goes someway to explain the slightly frazzled set, that and the fact that Joe and Mick had been tripping on magic mushrooms while watching Gladys Knight and The Pips performance the previous night. Enjoy it here! (The Clash, not Gladys Knight that is) The gig has been released as several bootlegs, but all apart from this one have ommited I Fought The Law. While I’m on the subject of The Clash, I seem to remember someone wanted the 1978 Ant-Nazi League gig at Victoria Park re-posted, which has been done, just take a trip to the original post by clicking here for a new link.


nekrodad said...

thanks my rock n roll brother, im going to warp my ears around this lil ditty. about 10 years ago i had a boot of this too , it also had i fought the law on it. very good sounding bootleg as well.

Kostas said...

The best Punk (and not only) band of all times .

biopunk said...


Anonymous said...

You seem political enough to explain this PFloyd Money symbolism:
It is 2:30 long. WTF? Help!