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Sunday, 23 January 2011

No News Isn't Good News!

I imposed a partial media blackout upon myself last week, well I watched and read less of the news, but there were a couple of things I picked up on:
1) NHS, The sacred cow is gonna be slaughtered, or at least cut into bite size chunks for the Private Sector to chew up and then spit into the face of the public, and call it choice. I mean look at the fuck ups with the NHS after hours Doctors services, when Agency Doctors covered shifts and killed people! Competition For Care is not healthy, when people will get no real choice, just what is available at the cheapest cost.
2)Tony Blair and The Chilcott Enquiry. How much of our money has been spent on finding out the truth, yeah right….We know the truth, it was an illegal war founded on lies. The only way this is ever gonna be money well spent is if Blair is tried for war crimes and found guilty.
3)The News Of The World phone taping scandal that has seen Andy Coulson former editor of the paper resign from his role as head of government communications, because of the allegations of taping celebrities phone conversations when he was the papers editor. He had to go, I mean, if he was prepared to go that far to feed peoples hunger for the cult of celebrity and increase sales of the paper, what would he be caperable of when wheeling and dealing for the Government.

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