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Monday, 3 January 2011

Some Scribblings From The Cutting Room Floor.

2011 = ????
They say it’s gonna be a ‘difficult year’ Who for? Them or Us, well that’s down to us, but I can’t see it being that difficult for them with their cushions of capital to recline on in their million pound mansions.
If we believe what we’re being told, we’re gonna die in some flu pandemic or be blown up by terrorists, and if we don’t then we may live to 100, which means we better start saving for our future, well that’s what they’re telling us, but It’s not our future they’re thinking of, it’s theirs ….They need our money to fund the country. Once you start paying into their pension funds, it becomes theirs to invest in whatever, wherever, and I bet when it’s time to get it back, there’ll be less of it than there was.
Still if we wanna sit back comfortably and watch the shit hit the fan in glorious HD Technolcolour best get down the sales and invest in a new TV and leather reclining sofa before the 20% VAT increase kicks in.
Like I said same shit….They just want our money and keep theirs! Unless we make it difficult for them!


DINO RATSO said...

Yeah! I agree with you! A hard year? I don´t think I can´t stand another year like 2010.I don´t think no one else can. Jesus!

It's a **** thing said...

The future is what we make it.
I really wish that people in general would realize that they are living their lives by rules that they apply to themselves.
Those in power can draft as many laws as they wish, manipulate the news as often as they want, tell as many lies to us all as they feel comfortable with, but at the end of the day we can, if we all stick together, simply tell them to fuck right off.
They think theirs is the only train on the only track and we all have to get on it.

It's a **** thing said...


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Too right IA****T, Cheers for the link, that's fitted a few more pieces of what they're up to together. Even more Mind control, Manipulation, telling us how to think and act, erroding our freedoms even more. Hang about I feel a post coming on here....Cheers IA****T, and Dino.... Stay Free, Stay Strong and Keep On Keeping On!

Anonymous said...

Even with my most optimistic hat on I can't help feeling that this year is going to be worse all round than 2010.