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Sunday, 9 January 2011

SOCIAL DISTORTION - HardTimes and Nursery Rhymes (A Review) + Live Download

Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes is Social Distortions first album in a good few years. Has it been worth the wait, and does it stand up to Singer/Guitarist Mike Ness’s idea of wanting it to sound like The Black Crows meeting The Dead Boys? Too damn right, guilty on both counts! Take it away….
It’s big and bold. Crashing Guitars, Pianos and Gospel singers grace Mike Ness’s South Cal drawl and confessional lyrics, and take their ‘Outlaw Rock’ to a new level, but never leaving behind their Punk roots. Mike is one of Rock’n’Rolls real survivors, and also one of the most under ratted songwriters. It took over 30 years for the band to appear on US Television. A wrong that was righted last year when they preformed Machine Gun Blues the first single from this album on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Is this the best Social Distortion album? I dunno, but it is one of the best Rock’n’Roll records I’ve heard for a long while! It’s been on heavy rotation in the Wolf Den this weekend. Thanx to the Mad/Bad Ne….(No best not in case I get him in to trouble) for passing this on to me, unfortunately I aint gonna post it, you’ll have to go and buy it if you wanna hear it or find another leaked copy, but instead how about Four live versions, recorded in Offenbach, Germany 2009 of songs on the new album? Three of them You Can’t Take It With You , Alone and Forsaken, and Still Alive are from the physical CD release and one, I Won’t Run Anymore is from the Itunes Download version. Check ‘em out live and in the raw here! and the albums out on Epitaph Records on Jan 17th. Buy Bye!


nekrodad said...

good review man, digging it, glad you liked it, i thought it was ok too.

Kostas said...

Great Band !!!

james campbell said...

hey nuzz,james here from the gunslingers.jon hall wants to get in contact with you about a future gunslinger project.could you send me your contact number?my email is doddybarks@earthlink.net thanks

nekrodad said...

brother Nuzz,

MAKE SURE you hit the death party this weekend, some new new new stuff there. But only for this weekend did i say NEW SUBS?

muhammadrazzaq said...

My latest fave is "exismsma", possibly some kind of consciousness-expanding psychedelic