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Friday, 30 November 2007

THE APOSTLES - Alive in 83 'From Camden to Hackney' Blow it Up, Burn it Down, Kick it Till it Breaks

What can I say about The Apostles……a hugh influence, not just another anarcho band, questionable view point, by that I mean they made you think and question not just the big things, but your own place in the scheme of it all. Cathartic lyrics from Andy whose demons were unleashed onto the anarcho punk scene where there was no other band like ‘em, Johnny Thunders style guitar licks from Dave and a combination of Mark Perry and Mark E Smiths Punk Rock sensibilities gave the Apostles a unique sound and style amongst the 'Crass Brigade' The Apostles were no pacifists and were proud of that fact which often found them in trouble with some of the anarcho scenesters, you can hear this on the first 6 tracks recorded at LMC in Camden, where their vocals were turned down on account of their non pacifist stance. This however didn’t stop ’em working with Crass in the setting up of the anarcho centres in London. The last 6 tracks on this download were recorded at another venue the band opened under a railway arch in Hackney; The Recession Club and find the band exploring a more avante guard and less incendiary sound. Both recordings were released as separate tapes, I’ve just compiled ‘em both together for yer listening pleasure. Get the goods here.


durruti said...

An absolutely essential band for anyone who claims any kind of hard-left punk credentials. Love 'em or loathe 'em (sometimes both at the same time), The Apostles walked it loud and proud.

Nice upload :)



Anonymous said...

More!!!!!!!! a great band, but hard to find in france ( got some lp and 7" )
el sumo

Anonymous said...

All good fella, was gonna whack these up on www.killyourpetpuppy.co.uk
Beat me to it the buggers!

Best regards


irishdave said...

You know - you have had some great posts recently, but this is the best by far IMO.Excellent!

Sunnyside Drive said...

Yo Nuzz...thanks for the great post. You've got one of the best blogs on the web. At least the war on the middle class is going well...Fuck Bush! Oh, and thanks for the link. Keep up the great work and read Vonnegut...and if you already have...read him again.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers everyone, glad you liked this. I would be putting more anarcho stuff up, but there's so much going up on other blogs/sites I don't wanna duplicate postings, I'd rather compliment them with a blast every so often, plus it keeps it interesting, cos yer never gonna know what's gonna come out of my skitzophrenic music library. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. Thanx once again for taking the time to type.

Henk said...

I'm putting up all I have by this band at the moment on my blog.

Does anyone have the lyrics for the song 'dispossessed'? Really need it.

Thanks in advance. Cheers/ Henk