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Sunday, 25 November 2007

THE PACK - Dead Ronin

From outta Brixton in 1979 came The Pack, fronted by the soon to be iconic 80's positive punk pinup Kirk Brandon. Theatre Of Hate were really a more finely tuned and refined version of Kirks first band, with added sax appeal. Included in these 12 tracks is an early version of the classic track Legion. Went to see The Pack live once, I'd love to be able to tell you all about it, but unfortunately I can't 'cos the venue the local youth club Bowes Lyon House wouldn't let me in because get this; I was too young, and there was a bar. The problem I had with this was that I'd previously seen Chron Gen there twice (or Chronic Generation, as they were then called) and it wasn't a problem then (the bar was separate and you needed ID to get in there) neither was it a problem with any other gigs I went to there. (Crass, Theatre Of Hate and tons of others) I still occasionally see the Youth Worker that refused me entrance. She hasn't changed in the past 27 years; still looks like a miserable sour faced cow. Not that I'm still bitter about it, I have 'moved on', talking of which I'm sure you'd rather be listening to The Pack rather than hearing about my memories of not seeing 'em live. Well here yer go...CLICK!, CLICK!, CLICK!


ahem said...

awesome post! i've been looking for this for years! thanks

zenpunk said...

thanks for more of this good stuff.just started a blog myself,is it ok to put a link to your blog page on mine?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

glad to help ahem. Yeah go for it zenpunk a link would be great, I've put one up here for yours, and yours as well ahem.

irishdave said...

This is a surprise - never new it existed - I thought the did only a couple singles - great!Can't help thinking of the Apostles when I hear "Number 12" - what do you think? There is an Apostles song (name escapes me at the moment) that is almost the same.

John Liedown said...

Thanks for this. I've got both singles (which i'd never part with) and quite a few ropey bootlegs. This has been on my to-do list for a while. Nice one.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Glad yer all like this.

pip said...

Nice One!
Many Thanks Nuzz

Anonymous said...

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mickmercer said...

If your copy is like mine pop it in your pc and look at the files on it. I had some Mark Shaw of Then Jerico on it which was weird but actually Then Jerico were pretty intense live (not that I can convince anyone who never saw them of this)so I was happy.