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Monday, 12 November 2007

Totally Random Music Postings #3

Like the Sex Pistols 15 years before them FABULOUS arrived on a musical scene alien to them. The year was 1991 Britain was gripped in ecstasy fueled youth culture, "A generation of cripples!" as lead singer and part time NME scribe Simon Dudfield declared to a bemused Flowered Up audience. The band courted controversy wherever they went in their hand painted Austin Maxi with "Arrest Me" daubed on the boot, peddling their snotty brash take on punk rock, on a road mission to "Ram it up yer" Anyway, their 15 minutes ran out a long while ago, their manager James Brown's lasted longer; he went on to edit 'lads mag' Loaded, but I digress. Back to the music, these 3 tracks: Personality Recession/Everythings Fine/Destined to be Free were released on 12" by Heavenly Records and produced by Miles 'cockney rhyming slang' Hunt from the Wonder Stuff (don't let that put you off) cos they are great slabs of Punk Rawk. Get 'em here.


Anonymous said...

I to loved Fabulous. Saw them at the Barrowlands supporting Carter and they were fucking brilliant.They then played King Tuts the same night with a shitty little band called Radiohead supporting them.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

That's always the way anon, the shit rises and the little nuggets sink.

Anonymous said...

At the time i was wearing a "Get Fucked By Fabulous" t shirt which featured a 70's porn star lying back with a hard on. Simon Dudsfield was winding up a large old man/homophobe/football type crowd and i'm standing up the front with with a shirt with a guy wanking!! Where's the Terris album? Toodle Pip

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to find this. How about putting up their classic song "theres a riot going on" it was on Heavenly records.
More Fab stuff at

Anonymous said...

I found this band on


quite a funny read.

Anything Could Happen said...

I wasn't as brave as the poster above, I only had the 'Licked by Fabulous' t-shirt :) Those were some great gigs, especially the Sheffield Leadmill one as I remember.

Was the 'Dead Friends' single ever released? I never saw a copy. And the 'Produced by Kylie' album (if it even exists) is something I'd love to hear, even now.

marty G said...

There are some rumblings in the Fab camp.
It was quite a low key release as the band had hit burn out.
Dead friends maybe re-released through
They love the Nuzz site
Next year is the 20th aniversary of the 1st single and there is talk of a gig or two.(fat 50 and back) Also a compilation of their demos and releases is being talked about.

God help us.