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Wednesday, 7 November 2007


After Sniffin’ Glue, KILL YOUR PET PUPPY was the most important fanzine; for it’s impact on ’punk culture.’ More than just a fanzine, those involved were a colourful collective of characters involved in squatting which led to the setting up of housing co-operatives, the various anarcho centres that were set up in London during the 80’s which fueled the ’movement’ More importantly they introduced a blast of colour and difference into the otherwise black clad world of anarcho punk. The bands featured and writings were not yer usual collection of sloganeering articles and interviews. One band I got into after reading about ‘em in KYPP were the CUDDLY TOYS, who were a mighty fine glam, bang, slam of an outfit in the Bowie/Bolan vein. This recording captures them at The Marquee in 1982 and is well worth a listen , they were kind of stranded on a desert island at the time, too new for the romantics and too glam for the punks. Great stuff. Anyway this post was purely gonna be a plug for the new Kill You Pet Puppy web page which is more than worth a trip to, check out the history, back issues, and some great downloads that you aint gonna find nowhere else. Loads of 96 Tapes releases, including Blyth Powers classic A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night. There’s also Sex Gang Children's Naked tape up for grabs along with live Southern Death Cult, X Mal Deutschland plus some rare Crass odds’n’sods. Go on take a trip to the dead puppies, but before you go don’t forget yer Cuddly Toys.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the plug Nuzz - It's a very time consuming action to upload all these tapes and 7" onto the system...hope some one enjoys them - Tony is in charge of the writing / paper uploads so expect more soon...all the best

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem Penguin, the sites getting better each day. Nice one, and welcome to the world of 'time consuming action' it's gonna do yer head in, so take care hear from you soon.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the link to KYPP. Finally found a decent rip of the Ritual tape. Need to check out more. And I should say thank you Penguin for the hard work. Will spread the word.