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Monday, 19 November 2007


Do you ever have those days when you feel listless, restless, can't get focused, but yer not sure why? (what you need is....) Well today is one of those. Had intended to post some stuff today, but when I sat down in front of the PC, I just couldn't be arsed, was gonna rant on about those two would be Liberal Party leaders bickering and arguing live on TV in a so obviously staged situation. Then I was gonna share some music with ya, either some live Generation X or The Redskins.... Still tomorrows another day.


cat said...

Especially on a monday and what with the weather, it's well understandable.Take care

Chris Ripple said...

Never mind, It's Tuesday today and the whole wide world learns of the total incompetence of our 'elected representatives' who managed to lose 2xC.D.s of their precious Treasury's Inland Revenue records of every child and their parents who claim child benefit and their bank accounts...
Doesn't it make you feel so proud to live in a country where 'data protection' is cared about so much by those people who passed the fucking law in the first place, that 25 million people (yeah, that is right, twenty five fucking million...) could well be defrauded by anybody with a computer ?
Identity cards anyone ?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Indeed Chris (see Wednesday)
Probably be fucked off again by Monday, cat. Perhaps too much thinking is bad for yer?