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Friday, 2 November 2007


Immigration is the current political ‘hot potato’ and lets face it something needs resolving, and I aint talking about shipping people out of the country like the BNP would have us believe is the solution. But if the government don’t get a grip on things then the BNP will be polling a lot more votes in the next election, thanks to newspaper headlines like the one to yer left. The way I see it is that the only way forward is to separate the issue of immigration from racism. Accepting that there is a ‘problem’ with immigration is not being racist, it is our response to the ‘problem’ that is the test.
Yes immigrants are getting jobs in Britain, and yes they are being housed by local authorities, but to say that they are taking all our jobs and houses just helps to foster feelings of racism toward these groups in our society, as do stories in the press about not being able to celebrate Christmas and all the other politically correct bollocks that is concocted by white middle class bureaucrats, for who’s benefit ? The BNP perhaps ?,cos they love that sort of shit, it gives them the power to say that because of immigration British Tradition is being taken away from us. Which is bollocks because ethnic minorities in Britain do not get offended by Christian celebrations or British traditions.
Anyway, moving on…Immigration is a complex issue. IDEALISTICALLY the free movement of people across the world is a good thing, it promotes a greater understanding of cultures and creates a truly global world. No individual should be persecuted in their country for their political beliefs, and everyone should be entitled to a better life where ever they choose t live. REALISTICALLY every country has only a certain amount of resources that cannot support an infinite amount of people, without creating social/political problems. ECONOMICALLY after years of hard line communism of course people of former Soviet Bloc countries are gonna want a slice of the pie. The rich oligarchs in these countries aren’t serving anything up, they’re too busy buying football clubs. Employers in The New Europe are rubbing their hands together with the cheap labour and a hard-line work ethic
POLITICALLY immigrants become scapegoats to blame for problems that have been festering away in Britain for decades, the housing crisis has nothing to do with immigration , the over stretched resources of the NHS has nothing to do with immigration, unemployment has nothing to do with immigration. Those areas were already fucked before Poland joined the EU immigration has just put more pressure on these resources and I fail to believe that it is our wonderful Social Security System that brings people into Britain in lorries and boots of cars, and if it is then it is the system that is at fault. Once again the media don’t help the situation when there are stories of immigrants claiming benefits for family members not living here and yet a British family have had their sons child benefit stopped for their son who is studying abroad with the Bolshoi ballet. Doesn’t seem fair does it ? And that I believe is the issue, those who are against immigration just want to see fairness. But as we know the system isn’t fair and the state maintains it’s power by having a divided nation fighting amongst itself. It is the state that allows the media to spread the propaganda which people read and believe because they know no other truth. In my experience it is the generation that grew up during the Second World War and fought in the war that are most susceptible to the propaganda. Ironically they fought against the Nazi invasion of Poland and now feel that Poland is invading Britain. These are the people who are gonna be thinking of voting for the BNP, not those that have grown up in a multi-cultural Britain, and as Britain is a country with an aging population there are a hell of a lot of potential voters out there who will turn to the BNP for solutions if the main parties do not act on their fears of immigration, and grab the potato. There does need to be some control over our borders like other European countries have. The British government opted out of this quota system a few years ago. Why, I dunno, but it’s gonna be down to money and economy, cos it certainly can’t have been for altruistic reasons when immigrants are set up as scapegoats and attacked on the streets by racist thugs.


Pogel said...

We are all immigrants. We are all out of Africa. If people more to make a better life for themselves then good luck to them. Let's not forget Britain went round the world colonizing, exploiting and in some cases exterminating cultures. Most people watch tv and read newspapers that are controlled by a select group of bigots. To combat BNP and people's opinions a better, less biased media is needed.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

cheers pogel as always you bring something else that needs saying to the table, thanks for taking the time.