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Sunday, 18 November 2007

JOHNNY THUNDERS - "I Guess The Boys Missed The Train" (Live @ The Fulham Greyhound, London 2/9/84)

After Johnnys triumphant take over of The Marquee in August, he played this low key and rather casual gig at the Fulham Greyhound. It was so casual that the band didn't turn up until really late in the evening, leaving Johnny to take the stage in a simple denim jacket, t-shirt and jeans ensemble with his acoustic guitar for a few numbers. As time went on members of Neon Leon and The Bondage Babies (support band at the Marquee Week) joined Johnny, before the eventual arrival of Billy Rath and Jerry Nolan to the stage. This recording captures that night; 18 songs 7 acoustic, some fucking about when the band arrives and the rest's electric as they say. Unfortunately the tape cuts out during I Wanna Be Loved and that's yer lot, but what a lot it is. You know what to do if ya wanna get yer mits on this....Click! and Save! I'm reliably informed by armadefuego over on Chatterbox (The rather fine Johnny Thunders Forum) that this was the last time Thunders, Rath and Nolan played together. So there yer go, a little piece of rock'n'roll history for ya. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

love it!

saw him several times, 1st in a M.cr pub! the Chorlton Oaks.

hey getover here


and piss these ppl off LOL!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

cheers anon, I've visited that site before, Strange bunch. During the summer this here blog was mentioned in a couple of their discussions, they wondered what I "was on" Funny old things forums, the Thunders one is worth a visit. Thanx again for taking the time.