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Thursday, 29 November 2007


I’ve come across a few interesting places in cyber space just recently. MASS GRAVE is a new blog on the block, and a fine start it is to. Some choice musical cuts and some well aimed blows of the boot to Blair and Nick Griffin. Yes indeed this blogging shit can be addictive Zen punk. Shoot it up! That’s what I say. SCROUNGING CIDER HIDDEN FLAGON has got to be my favourite blog name ever, great stuff irishdave. Another place worth stopping off at is THE WAY TO EQUALITY which puts some intellectual back bone and theory to some of the more anarchic blogs out there. Well worth a read, plus another fine selection of musical offerings to boot. Talking of boots, stumbled across this place and found two great NEW MODEL ARMY bootlegs from Berlin and Düsseldorf in 1990. I know there’s a few of the militia out there, hey John.! Just a click away back there. Finally, thought I’d finish with a mention of PAMPLEMOOSE what the fuck! is that I hear you say, well it’s the blog of Dave Allen from the Gang Of Four, who is presently posting up some mp3’s of some right rough and raw recordings of the latest GO4 stuff, it’s good, but it aint Entertainment if you know what I mean. For me the Gang Of Four were one of the gang of five; The Clash, Crass, The Redskins, Crisis and…… they were all bands with something to say and something to play. Anyway that’s yer lot; coming soon….Generation X, more Thunders, some live stuff from The Apostles some more Redskins, might chuck in some more Lords Of The New Church, The Enemy and Dead 60's and a couple of festive ditties if the mood takes me whatever + the usual ranting and, raging to go with the raving. Stick with it, this blog is nearly a year old, I would say you’re all invited to the party but hey 60,000 of yer have already been to the party. Cheers to each and every one of you.


jj.n said...

NMA is so very underrated and forgotten..

John Liedown said...

Underrated and Forgotten!!!!
Not round these parts. You should have come to Bristol with me on Tuesday night. Best gig in an age! If they happen upon a town near you soon, I suggest you go.

Cheers for these Nuzz,
Top stuff.
Milita! Milita! Milita! Milita!