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Thursday, 28 February 2008


Bit of a curiosity this one, a three track flexi-disc, given away with eighties magazine Flexipop, (each edition came with a free flexi-disc.) This one features THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE with the storming World War III, Irish punkers THE DEFECTS doing Dance(Till You Drop) and London Rockabillys THE METEORS with Mutant Rock. Three great tracks all recorded specially for flexipop, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the mag anymore to scan for ya, I was surprised I still had the flexi. Enjoy or Destroy here!


durruti said...

I've got this too. It was probably the only time I bought that particular mag (or at least, the only one that I'm admitting to).

It was released around the same time that the three bands toured together if I remember rightly. I went to the Portsmouth show, what a fuckin' mad night - coming from Southampton, I was on enemy turf and the place was packed with scary-looking (to my young eyes) punks, skins and psychobillies from the local area. Despite the initial mild apprehension, I soon got on with the business of having a top punk rock night out, suitably fortified by phet and cider.

The Defects were easily the best of the three, energetic and well up for it, although the ANL always make me laugh and didn't fail to deliver that night. As for The Meteors and that mental psychobilly dancing thing, I didn't get it then and I don't really get it now either, but whatever floats yer boat.

Good memories, cheers ;)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice one durruti for sharing the memory. Saw The Meteors a couple of times. That chicken dancing thing that the rockabillys used to do was well manic,The Meteors followers called 'emselfs the Wreckin' Crew and were quite a violent bunch from what I remember, yeah ANL, right bunch of jokers. Don't think I ever saw The Defects. Thanx for yer time durruti