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Friday, 15 February 2008


Went to see BABYSHAMBLES at Brixton Academy on Monday. Last went there in 1991 to see Iggy Pop, and had a bit of a scene with security, who told my girlfriend that she wouldn’t be able to see anything, and then one of ‘em told me “wasn’t it about time you got yer hair cut”, my response to him was “isn’t it about time you grew yours fucking longer”, they weren’t impressed, but hey… Anyway that was 17 years ago, and times change. This time we got ourselves some seats, on account of yes at the Iggy gig the security were right and neither me or my girlfriend could see much, and as she’s a bit of a Pete groupie she wanted the best possible view. After a couple of average support bands; Beggars, The Courteeneers, the clocks ticking chaps; 14min 59secs…14min 58secs…14min 57secs…The ‘shambles hit the stage for another blinding performance. Everyone in their seats was up and on their feet, my girlfriend could see Pete and everyone was having fun, until the security bods started going round telling everyone to sit down, which we did, only to promptly stand up again after they’d turned their backs and walked away, ended up doing this a few times until I was told “yer on your last warning, if you don’t sit down properly you’ll be thrown out.” I asked one of ’em what the problem was and they said that it was for “Health and Safety reasons; in case anyone started crowd surfing” Crowd surfing? From the balcony! The only health issue I could see would be the mental health of any potential crowd surfer and as for safety, I thought Rock’n’Roll was supposed to be dangerous. Good night Brixton, see you later.


cat said...

I noticed your a shambles fan nuzz, my son is really into them as well he roped me in on the brixton show a few years ago when pat walden was playing with them,(it was good)but without him i think they have lost there edge
(thats just my opinion), he was there last monday as well, also at the wembley show whice you went too, one of these days our paths are gonna cross dude :-).....until then take care, step light, stay free.

Anonymous said...
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katwoman said...

Oh God, this thing about sitting down in your seat is universal! I was told that at a Dylan concert here in Canada! All I was doing was moving to the closer seats that were untaken and standing in no ones way for a better view! I was threatened with being thrown out, until I told them I worked for a local weekly "Indie" rag (a lie). Imagine - they should have special privlidges which the rest of us do not! Whatever happened to rock'n roll?

katwoman said...

that Jason site is spam

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright cat,Yer sons got good taste, I get a bit of flack for being a shambles 'fan' but fuck it, in my opinion Petes the only genuine rock'n'roller we've had for a long time. You're right about Pat though, cos when they do any Down In Albion tracks, the new guy just doesn't cut it on them. Pat had a sound and style of his own. Only saw 'em once with him, when they played with Kasabian in Hyde Park a couple of years back, had another incident there, were my girlfriend had a bit of an argy bargy with some one trying to stand on her feet and push her away from were she was standing, and someone taking the hat I was wearing off my head and putting it on theirs. Perhapes I'm getting old? dunno though. Cheers katwoman, I'll delete the spam. I would agree with you about the standing/seating thing, but..when I went to see Babyshambles at Wembley Arena, it wasn't a problem, and when I saw Pete at Hackney Empire It wasn't a problem, so I reckon it's just that some venues are happier to stop the fun than others, I'll see what happens at the Albert Hall on 26th April. Like yer style with the lie, yeah bloody journos, what makes them so special, should be made to suffer like the rest of us, and some should be made to suffer worse on account of the shite they right, indeed Whatever Happened to our rock'n'roll. Cheers for yer comments Cats.