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Saturday, 16 February 2008

THE BLEACH BOYS - Children Of The Wally World Go Wild For Kicks (Tape)

Right then folks! For today’s post I give you THE BLEACH BOYS. North Herts punk stalwarts since 1977 when they released the collectable classic Chloroform. “Ch..Ch..Ch..Ch..Chloroform” Their reputation as notorious wind up merchants precedes them; the only band to be banned from the Bowes Lyon House venue in Stevenage, not once but twice! First time when lead throat Simon Kelly aka Killer Frankenstein declared that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist and the second time (dunno how that worked if they were banned once how come they played twice? Whatever) when Simon stimulated masturbation with a microphone. The letters P and C, and the words Politically and Correct didn’t feature in these guys alphabet or vocabulary, but Fun, Frolics and Fucking about most certainly did, a fact testified by the charmingly titled song of theirs (included on this tape); She’s Not My Wife She’s My Slapper, which is only surpassed by the title of their second single (a 12”, I could stoop to their level here but I wont) Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches. With their tongues still firmly in their cheeks the self proclaimed ‘Biggest Cunts In The World’ are still going strong. This tape was released in 1989; while everyone was going dance crazy, The Bleach Boys were still just crazy, so what do ya get for your click! 4 tracks, the afore mentioned She’s Not My…..,Psycho Semtex Sex and two bonus tracks, well worth checking out, nothing to serious for Saturday, just some heads down no nonsense punk rock boogie. You know what to do.


garychching said...

Love the bleach boys early stuff, not heard this one. I'll try it out

Anonymous said...

I've never heard this either

Thanks Nuzz


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Happy listening chaps.

phnuff said...

Hey Nuzz, you could have said that we are still going and to look at www.thebleachboys.co.uk or www.myspace.com/bleachboys. Anyway mate, where did you get this? I have the cover but bust my tape version so thanks. I now have it back

lohking said...

Bleach 218 sub is out at Bleach Shippuuden

Anonymous said...

can you reupload this tape? thanx in advance.