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Sunday, 10 February 2008

DAVE KUSWORTH & THE BOUNTY HUNTERS - Live @ The KWNN, Stevenage, 10/5/90

What can I say about Dave Kusworth ???…probably more well known for his work during the mid 80's with the late’n’great Nikki Sudden as one half of The Jacobites. Dave had been playing in bands around his native Birmingham since 1978; TV Eye, The Subterranean Hawks, before going on to join the original line up of The Dogs D’Amour sometime whenever. This recording finds him in Stevenage with his then band The Bounty Hunters when they supported Johnny Thunders. It’s 40 minutes of pure bliss, there’s some beautiful songs here, including a couple of Jacobites numbers and the brilliant Violet Lights Are Broken, that tune sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. This is music to chill out to and cry to. (Hopefully not at the same time, unless you’ve had some real bad shit) Anyway, tap into yer emotions here! and enjoy some heartbreak.


Burning Blue Soul said...

Many thanks for this post; can't get enough of Dave or the late great Nikki. Great one mate.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem bbs,wish I had more of 'em both live, especially a Jacobites show.

Chris Ripple said...

Ow ! Was it that long ago ?
I was at that gig. Some dodgy punk geezer had recommended it so I went on the offchance and it was my first intro' to Mr K'.
Good gig as I remember it and great to hear it again.

eric said...

Thanks for posting this Kusworth show, it sounds great! I have never had a chance to see him live, so this is a nice treat.

Highlander said...

Liked the new cloud name post nuzz but no comments. Always amazed at the number of vapour trails I can count on a clear day - I live near the airport but these are clearly planes passing over in addition to the 'local' traffic.

Anonymous said...

Great post, now i can take Mr. K and the Bounty Hunters with me wherever i go.
My vinyl of Threads: A Tear Stained Scar unfortunately stays that way so it aint with me digitally. They need to reissue that.
Underrated band the Bounty Hunters, better than the Dogs D'amour. But then that's like saying who's better Peter Perret or Rod Stewart. Their both brilliant.