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Sunday, 24 February 2008


The headlines are screaming; ASYLUM SEEKERS AND IMMIGRANTS, ECONOMIC MELDOWN, CREDIT CRISIS, DEATH BY GUN, ANTI-SOCIAL YOUTH, POLITICIANS ON THE TAKE, BENEFIT SCROUNGERS, CELEBRITY STORIES. Images are being planted in the minds of the masses. Our society is broken, and who’s fault is it? Immigrants, asylum seekers or what ever labels they are given, shouldn’t be seen as a threat to our society and our culture. If immigration is out of control, and we feel our culture is being eroded it’s the fault of white liberal policies that an endless stream of corrupt politicians have forced upon us which has allowed a ‘situation’ to develop.
If ‘they’ are taking our jobs it’s because we are refusing to take them because wages are too low, is that our fault? No, it’s the greedy bosses wanting more profit, but perhaps if we had simpler expectations of life, one that wasn’t based on a culture of cash and celebrity, we might value what was necessary and forget what wasn’t. These values can be learned and absorbed from the different cultures that are taking all our homes, and who’s fault is that? The governments for not building more affordable housing to replace the council house that were and are continuing to be sold off, because it is believed that “An Englishman’s home is his castle” fortified with stone cladding and defended by sons with guns. If too many people are claiming state benefits it’s the fault of government policies that have enabled a culture of dependency to grow, where we don’t wanna bite the hand that feeds us. Enslaved by mortgages and debt. If we are reaching economic meltdown and our flexible credit card friends are gonna snap, then who’s fault is that? It is ours for having no self control and trying to buy a life for ourselves, when there isn’t one to buy, beyond the images of fame and celebrity that we are being sold.
If the youth are behaving in ways that are anti-social, then it’s our faults as parents for not doing the job properly. We cant blame it all on violent videos and Play station games, we as parents need to be instilling the future generation with the values that are lacking in our society today. If we believe all the media tells us, then they are winning the battle for hearts and minds. If we continue to do nothing or say nothing, then they will win the war, and who can the losers blame then? We need to challenge the ignorance and fear their propaganda manufactures. It’s a hard battle to fight, and some of their propaganda does break through to the other side, we are all only human. We need to question everything, including ourselves. It’s easy to fill our heads with nostalgia and live in ghettos of escapism, closeted in our own comfort, remembering where we came from and what we did then, but forgetting where we are going and what we are doing now. It’s only by challenging that we can instigate change. We all need to do our bit in order to fix the broken bits. If we do this then we can get the society that we deserve, not the one they want us to have; divided and disrupted, that’s their idea of a United Kingdom, and with us fighting amongst ourselves it’s one in which they can force us to be free through draconian laws that infringe on our liberty; that is unless we do something. If we don’t who’s fault will it be then?

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