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Friday, 8 February 2008

CRAZY PINK REVOLVERS - Wednesday 19:45 (12" vinyl-rip)

After the ‘Bass Beast’ that was/is Stan Stammers left behind his long time comrade in arms (from Theatre Of Hate to Spear Of Destiny) Kirk Brandon in 1986, he got together with a few mates under the moniker of CRAZY PINK REVOLVERS. This is their second single and is a beautiful lament to the victims of the Kings Cross tube fire in 1987, that was in the days before the smoking Nazis came to power and banned it everywhere, but in light of what happened that Wednesday in November at 19:45 when 31 people lost their lives due to a discarded match or cigarette butt on the wooden escalators, it would appear that in the interests of Health and Safety it would be for the best in certain places. This was Crazy Pink Revolvers second single, listening to it, you can hear that Stan was just as much of the driving force behind TOH and SOD, so if yer into them, you should love this.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Nuzz. I've never heard this before. Would love to hear more from these (he hints)


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

unfortunetly Mike, that's all I have, if I had more it'd be yours.

André Faria said...

Soon, First Down! released for the first time on CD... Watch out for Stan Stammers web page...

Warren said...

You can view Stan's website at www.stanstammers.com or Crazy Pink Revolvers at www.crazypinkrevolvers.co.uk

First Down has been delayed but will be released soon via the online shop, it will also be available to download from itunes.

Timeless Smile EP and At The River Edge will be re-mastered next!