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Sunday, 24 February 2008

SUBWAY SECT - We Oppose All Rock'N'Roll !

While the rest of the class of ‘77 were polishing up their guitar chops and images. Subway Sect were busy deconstructing everything about what a Rock’n’Roll band were supposed to be. From their non descript look to their inability to play what was expected and accepted as Rock’n’Roll. Front man Vic Goddard had been approached by Malcolm Maclaren about getting a band together and then when a line-up had been decided on Bernie Rhodes took over as their manager; does this make them a manufactured band? Who knows, who cares, but what it did ensure was an appearance at the legendary 100 club punk festival and a tour support slot with The Clash on their White Riot tour, from where this recording is from. (Guildford 1/5/77 to be exact, thanx to Badseed for letting me share this tape with yer) Subway Sect were a true Punk band who defied the Punk aesthetics as much as Punk defied the established Rock ones. Ironically despite opposing all rock’n’roll their minimal soulful sound was a huge influence on many of the 80’s post punk indie bands. If you fancy a blast of it, you know what to do. CLICK!


garychching said...

nice post Nuzz, I have never heard this before, I will be playing it tonight

Brousse Foqueusstone said...

The funny thing with Subway Sect is that everybody says they were antirock but listen to "Ambition" and don't tell me it doesn't sound like The Who.

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

A million thanks for this and the one with the Slits too. I have been searching for some live Subway Sect for ages. I had a live tape that got stolen over 25 years ago where Vic annonced them as Flintlock (70's pop group) and kept insisting they were. It might even be this...I will find out later. Cheers!!!

Casin guru said...

A million thanks for this.