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Thursday, 3 July 2008


The head of Marks and Spencer’s was interviewed on the news yesterday and he was saying that the companies share prices had fallen, and that this was an indicator to a coming recession. Right, let me see if I‘ve got this right….So the company hasn’t actually lost any money, it’s just not making as much as it has in the past, and this indicates what? That the share prices of other companies may well fall, so, maybe this is a bit of a simplistic view of the science of economics; why don’t the companies lower their fucking prices and stop being such greedy bastards. I dunno it’s just an idea, but like I said it’s a lot more complicated than that, cos that’s the way people like Mr Marks’n’Spencer have maintained their wealth. Knowledge is power!


Anonymous said...

They wont reduce their prices. No matter how many ‘Two for one’ or ‘Buy one get one free’ offers they may try and seduce you with the bottom line is supermarkets are in business to make money and look after shareholders . That’s capitalism.

Tesco made a profit of 2.55 Billion last year. That’s right. TWO AND A HALF BILLION POUNDS.
You would have thought that with that amount of dosh floating around they could afford to put a freeze on price rises for six months. But no. they’re still putting things up on an almost weekly basis at the moment.

Got me own back today though. Bought some Cherry tomatoes that were priced at 85p but the slacker at the till fucked up and only charged me 19p. Re-sult.
That’ll put a dent in their profits I can tell you. It’s all anarchy ain’t it?

ponkmedia.com - said...

It'll be old news to some, but Mark & Spencer's unabashed support of Zionism, ensures that - having learned of it - I'll never "shop" there again.


As for Tesco, I wouldn't give 'em the satisfaction of the 19 pence - straight into the pocket of the disgusting Dame Shirley Porter ('council houses for votes')


Wait... it seems she now lives in Israel...

Aren't I bitter?

Any other "high street names" to add to the list?

Chris Ripple said...

Here's another one...
Lord Sainsbury gives two million quid a year to the Labour Party to stop it going bankrupt...
If we have to, and the country has to, then what's their problem ?

No 'Nectar' kard for me.
Kick 'em in the gutter where they belong.