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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Making people work for their dole money, now what do we think about that then? Well I believe that people should put something in to society, in order to get things back, but I’m not to sure that forcing them to work is the best way, but then again if people don’t or can’t see that it aint just a one way street you drive or walk down taking and expecting everything for nothing, what do you do? Also, what do people get back? Images in the media of footballers claiming they are slaves because they can’t break their contract with one club to move to another, because the moneys better. These fuckers earn millions. Then there’s TV show hosts who think their getting shafted because they’ve been told to take a pay cut off their £1 million a year salary. Slaves! Shafted! Christine Ronaldo and Carol Vorderman can fuck right off. Both of em are getting extortionate amounts of money for doing jobs they love, and contributing not a lot in my opinion to benefit society. The real slaves, who are getting shafted are cleaning the streets, working in factories and dead end jobs in order to pay for the capitalist lie they’ve been sold. It’s no wonder some people don’t wanna work doing something they don’t wanna do when they can claim state benefits and live of credit in order to attain that celebrity lifestyle. It’s also no wonder some people working in crap jobs not only get resentful to those ’living off the state’ ,but those earning more than they are, but when they call for strikes, they’re told that they’re being greedy. Aaah! the beauty of capitalism and it’s inherent contradictions.


Anonymous said...

In times of economic trouble people always turn on the jobless. Meanwhile society tolerates MPs’ shafting the public with their claims for second homes/John Lewis kitchens, etc. Maybe the people who should be forced to pick up litter are the ones that actually drop it. Like the well healed fuckers who drive around in their ‘Beemers’ chucking endless amounts of crap out the window at traffic lights.

MRMAGOOMC4 said...

alright nuzz hows it hanging budy i see your political rants are as fresh as ever bud keep it up all ive got too say on this subject is that the majority of working class people hate doler scroungers of which you could call me one theres arguments too both sides of the situation but one thing is for sure a resession is upon us the last real one created punk what will this one create

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Can't argue with that anon, and then have the cheek to moan about the price of fuel, cheers mrM, it's bin a long while, the irony of it all is that Capitalism needs a certain amount of 'dole scroungers' in order to survive as a system, I dunno it's all propaganda.