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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The G ate summit.

So World leaders at the G8 summit stuff their faces while discussing the world food crisis and global poverty. Don't think that much needs to be said about this, except..I hope they all choke on their fucking pate, while they reflect on their past indifference and present inability to act and do something over Zimbabwe, which after all was once referred to as the Garden Of Africa, before Mugabe was allowed and enabled to turn it into a piece of wasteland where nothing grows except fear, terror and resentment, which isn't a healthy diet to live on.

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Chris Ripple said...

I'm going back out to see some friends in The Gambia in a few weeks time.
The country has run out of diesel,
there has been no electricity for the last few weeks and a 50k bag of rice which cost 600 dalasi in January (42 to the pound) is now costing about 1050 dalasi, and that amount of rice could feed a family of six for a month, while these bastards are sitting down to an eighteen course free lunch while discussing the world food crisis and global poverty ?
Go figure...