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Monday, 14 July 2008


I say quit, but I don't mean really quit, it's just there will be a few changes to how this here blog's gonna function over the coming weeks/months. Unfortunately I have had to be looking for a new job recently, even more unfortunately I've found one, the real bad news is I start tomorrow, but hey such is life. Anyway, there will be posts, but probably not on a daily basis, same shit, just not as much of it. What i've done with this post is put up some unfinished scribblings that I've been working on, before they become too dated and there's some music that I was also gonna post, rather than leave it all on the hard drive I thought I'd chuck it all your way. CATCH!

Man, I’m getting sick of hearing about the R word; Recession! and the general doom and gloom about economic hard times, what do you expect from a flawed system, that in the long tern destroys more than it creates. Global Warming, a myth or a reality depending on yer view point, either way there’s been a big push for farmers to grow crops for bio fuels, great idea, cut back on pollution and our dependency on oil, well it has become apparent that the process for converting these crops into bio fuel is itself damaging the environment, plus the land used for growing these crops could be used to grow crops for food production, after all we are being told about food shortages due to increase in global population. New emerging economies such as China and India have increased the demand for raw materials and also the price, coincidently in Britain scrap metal theft has risen dramatically, not only are these economies exerting pressure on natural resources, but they are also increasing global pollution, and for what? Cheap consumer goods for us to buy on instant credit. But now pay later, well later is now and oh boy are we gonna be made to pay, yes that’s right it’s all our fault. The media have packaged the whole parcel up: We are living in a sick society (Knife and Gun crime) people are scared to walk the streets, we are heading for a bleak future (food crisis, climate change, terrorism) So what are we gonna do about it?

Individuals are responsible for their lives, but why should they take responsibility for their lives why should they cut back on their spending, when the government doesn’t, why should they worry about being in debt, New Labour are up to their eyeballs, and whets their solution? To increase taxes, even this latest Car Tax one is a scam, yeah fair enough price gas guzzlers out of the market, but why in retrospect? Could it be to raise revenue! What can we do? Well I suppose there’s the lead from the church roof. When you look at the way our leaders conduct themselves (political sleaze, expenses) it’s no wonder no one seems to give a shit about right and wrong, and that’s what things boil down to; What the values and morals of a decent society are? and not wanting to sound like some right wing Tory, but as a society we are morally bankrupt, and it aint all our fault. True some have been duped by the capitalist consumer credit celebrity culture that’s been fostered in the media. True I to may have been duped by the media and things aren’t that bad on the streets, it’s just a climate they are creating to keep us under CCTV surveillance control. No things are fucked up! It’s all un-balanced. I believe in the rights of the individual, but I also believe in the responsibilities of the individual, I believe in taking a liberal libertarian approach to solutions, but I also believe that if this doesn’t work, then unfortunately maybe it’s time to get a bit tougher! It’s about a balance.


Chris Ripple said...

I totally endorse this post...

From the 'Absolutely feral' lead ranter of The N.P.W./Chris Ripple X-perience.

You want a laugh ?
Check out me and The Nuzz's adventures in festieland this weekend...

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. Societies gone tits up. Everyone out for number one, couldn’t give a shit about anyone else, and mistrustful of everybody. Spend, spend, spend, then when they can’t spend anymore and find themselves in debt, blame everyone but themselves.
And now they wanna give the person who stared all this capitalist/consumerist/I’m all right Jack shit a fucking state funeral when she finally pops off.

All the best with the J.O.B. Nuzz. This is one of the best places on the net, so please don’t let it die.

(Great pics of the gig on Chris' blog).

Highlander said...

Aye, good luck with the job Nuzz. And you're right (as is anonynmous). Individuals must take responsibility for their own actions as much as they must accept that they are part of a wider society. I mean, shit, if everyone behaved responsibly - looking after themselves (and I don't mean that in the selfish sense) and others - then we'd be most of the way there. And good work with the gig - as I commented to Chris, 'feral' can only be a good thing.

madjono said...

cheers for the carbon silicon post mate