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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Why are organisations called organisations? When they can’t seem to organise anything! Why is work called work when things don’t work? When you work for an organisation, you just know that nothing’s going to be working coos it’s not been organised. For example where I’m working at the moment, if they’d been organised and working properly as an organisation then they’d have had no need to employ extra workers in order to get the job done, still mustn’t complain though; a wolf’s got to keep the wolves from the door.


John Liedown said...

It's all out on the streets today but you, you've found a place to hide
Too busy with the ratrace, you pass by on the other side
Yours is the face of the brand new Britain with blinkers on your eyes
Find yourself position and cling on for dear life
You're so frightened, everybody's so frightened
The papers tell of rape and murder, everything that you want to hear
Bad tidings on the radio - you find a way to name your fear
So you never pick up hitchhikers, never talk to strangers
Believe the world outside your bolted door is evil
You're so frightened, everybody's so frightened.

You are just a victim of your own bad dreams
While people are the same as we've always been
But through the blindness in your eyes
For just one minute I see them shine
Love me . . won't you love me? But they all turn away

You never fight for anything, you always turn your face away
And you never get involved in trouble let all evil have it's way
So as the girl screams in the street below, you turn up the television
Perhaps you'll see it on the news - well it's nothing to do with you
You're too frightened, everybody's so frightened
Why is everybody so frightened?

New Model Army, 'Frightened' 1985 'No Rest For The Wicked' LP

Anonymous said...

If you’ve just started with a new ‘Organisation’ Nuzz, you will almost certainly soon be sent on an Equality At Work/Recognising Diversity In The Workplace course.
I would be very interested to hear your thoughts if you do.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Frightened of the humans and frightened of their stares
Frightened of the poisons they pump into the air
Frightened of the chemicals they spray upon the land
Frightened of the power they hold within their hands
Frightened of bureaucracy and frightened of the law
Frightened of the government and who it's working for
Frightened of the children who won't know who to cope
With a world in rack and ruin from their technocratic dope, dope, dope

Fear can be a bum thing
A silly and a dumb thing
Fear can be the one thing
That keeps us in the dark

Fear can be a bum thing
A silly and a dumb thing
Fear can be the one thing
That keeps us all apart

Zounds, Fear 'The Curse of Zounds'

John Liedown said...

I think thee & me should have a kareoke night.
And call it, '1,2,3, go, i've got an ego!'
Sure fire.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah John, but the paranoia would kill me.