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Thursday, 10 July 2008

I sometimes think that too much thinking about things can effect your thinking about things! Take today for instance. I was working on some rantings/writings for future posts, my brain exploded and all I was left with was a bunch of words thrown up on the page.
Blood stained streets Victorian values for Victorian times Tory fuckers ineffective politicians Gordon Brown wanker USA Israel Iraq another war threat terror No respect No responsibility Absurd Political Correctness Health and Safety Laws Global Warming Floods Panic Fear Factor Credit Crisis Recession Unemployment Consumer Confidence Political sleaze Media Images Surveillance Society CCTV Video Games Science Technology Bureaucracy progress What’s wrong morals none values pounds shillings and pence Tax car US dollars oil prices dead troops Iraq Afghanistan crisis conflict capitalism creates destroys Anarchy chaos order No rules whose rules divided world Africa Mugabe China Olympics Tibet London 2012 The future? The past the present those that ignore How much longer? Our children’s world Fucked up Do something nothing apathy powerless scream shout riot or rot. Same shit old different day.
So that’s today’s post, make of it what you will. Have a think about it.


Chris Ripple said...

That just about sums up the state of things...

Highlander said...

I'm with Chris. And like you Nuzz, I feel there is almost too much to post about at times that I lose focus and then hit a blank wall. At least your wall had a load of writing on it. Hang in there man.