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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Day After The Day After The Day....

Now they’re showing the highlights of the highlights of the wedding. For Fucks sake! Talk about media brainwashing. Souvenir on Souvenir edition of the newspapers with the same fucking pictures! “Rule Britannia…Britannia waves the rules, the British people, what a bunch of fools.“ Bring forth the guillotine, well that was the idea until the police pissed on any potential protestors parade, by arresting them the day before the wedding. They were planning some street theatre in Soho square. The wooden gallows had already been impounded by the Police, then they arrested the actors. No crime had taken place, talk about the thought police state. While Willy and Kate were downing their crack baby cocktails, her Majesties Armed Forces were carrying on their role of bringing democracy to Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. I might have had a knats cock of respect for the whole event if someone from the Royal Family had come out and said the reason Tony Blair and Gordon Brown weren’t invited to the wedding was because of their involvement in an illegal war, the cost of which is economic as well as human. That would have made me think perhaps this is the face of a new monarchy, but no….they will still be a dying institution with nothing to say, no matter how many flags the people fly.


Nazz Nomad said...

the shame of the nation- fucking parasites. it's even more embarrassing here in ameriKKKa, our media is fellating these royal cancers whilst we have 167 wars going on, a nation wide depression, tornadoes destroying the land, etc.

And, didn't we have a fucking war getting rid of you mofo's like 200 plus years ago? Wasn't the whole point of the revolution so wse didn't have to suck royal cock?

Trollboy said...

Argh thought they made a lovely couple and really enjoyed my day in London. I think we should have forced people on the dole to tidy up afterwards...Long live the Queen!