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Sunday, 15 May 2011


Roscoe Vacant is a Scottish writer and performer, whose music ranges from electronic punk to piano dirges and all things in-between. He works as both a solo artist, and occasionally as part of a band. Roscoe Vacant and the Kamikazes. Nothings Going To Change is his 6-Track acoustic EP released in 2009, the Escape from Doom Valley EP was Roscoe Vacant and The Kamikazes first live performance. Recorded on April 22, 2008 for Generate Ayr FM. This is stripped to the bone acoustic Punk Rock Blues, frantic, wired, powerful, passionate and totally electric. Imagine Billy Bragg scrapping in the street with Gang of Four and Wire. If you fancy a blast here ya go, two for the price of (n)one. There’s several more downloads available at Roscoe’s website, Including three tracks he recorded with legendary Scots punk band The Zips, and kicking back against corporate Rock’n’Roll, they’re all available free to download, and well worthy of yer ears and time.

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Roscoe said...

Nuzz, thank you so much for writing about my music, Allan from Topplers pointed me in the direction. I have a "new" live EP for free download here if you're interested - MOGUR [live and perjurious] - this is with my new band the Gantin' Screichs, we have a "proper" album recorded, it's coming out soon on Newtown Products. Really hope you like that stuff anyway and thanks a lot for spreading the word. Hit me up with your address and I'll send an album when it's finished.

All the very best, Ross