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Monday, 16 May 2011


Today’s musical offering is a CD which was given away with issue two of Vive Le Rock magazine, which is a brilliant read, and the compilation is a great listen. If you didn’t get hold of a copy, I cant provide the words, but here’s the music. The UK SUBS need no introduction. Creation is one of the standout tracks of their new stand out album Work In Progress. THE SENDERS serve up a hefty, hearty slice of New Yawk Rhythm and Blues. MICHAEL MONROE disappeared from my radar after Hanoi Rocks called it a day, and he’s only re-surfaced on it after listening to the track on this CD. THE DUEL are chilling, sultry and haunting, like Penetration and Manufactured Romance. BRIJITTE WEST’S DESPERATE HOPEFULS travel a similar road. THE WOLFMEN feature Adam Ant’s former partner Marco Pironni, and turn out a Lou Reed/Roxy Music row. Then there’s some Punk’n’Roll from THE LOYALTIES, and a dose of Garage Pop Punk from THE SHOTGUN KILLERS. THE HUMPERS are definitely unsafe at any speed with their MC5, Heartbreakers infused Rock’n’Roll. THE EXPOSED and RANDOM HOLD both deliver some old skool melodic Punk Rock, then there’s the full blown Ska/Reggae dub street punk of ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS. So many labels…. when it’s only Rock’n’Roll. The new issue of Vive Le Rock is out on the 24th of this month.


bat29 said...

Thanks for posting this one! I've been wanting to hear The Wolfmen for a while. Also, being a fan of NY Loose I'm interested in Brijitte Wests Desperate Hopefuls. If you haven't heard Michael Monroe's 1990s band Demolition 23, yet, I highly recommend it. Some of the best stuff he's ever done. You can find it here: http://boogiedisease.blogspot.com/2009/01/demolition-23-demolition-23.html

Longy said...

Cheers for this one Nuzz. I keep forgetting to buy this magazine!

I got my Topplers CD this morning which is great so cheers again for the heads up. I don't suppose you would be kind enough to rip Topplers See Dee One if you have it would you? I ain't got that one. Cheers.

Kostas said...

Thanks for this one