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Thursday, 26 May 2011

TV SMITH - Coming In To Land. (A Review)

This album is vital. Musically and lyrically brilliant. TV has surpassed himself with the twelve tracks that make up Coming In To Land. In my opinion TV’s never released a duff record, but…. He’s also never released one that sounds so relevant since The Adverts, Cast Of Thousands. The ugly face of 21st Century Society is confronted…. “The throw away values will hold you then have you.".... This is full on frantic stuff in some places, brooding and mournful in others. Catchy and tuneful all the way through. Uplifting and positive. Respect to TV and the band: Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen), BB Quattro (Suzy & Los Quattro, Bored Teenagers), Tim Cross (Adverts) For releasing possibly my favourite album of the year so far.
Given the right push in the right places, Coming In To Land could turn on and tune in a whole new bunch of listeners to the only TV that doesn’t lie.


Doug said...

Another great album by Mr Tim Smith.My personal favourite TV Smith album is 'March of the Giants'.That album opens with the wonderful 'Lion and the Lamb'.But all of TV Smith's albums are highly recommended.Albums like 'Immortal Rich','Misinformation Overload' etc. And the double live acoustic album is excellent.Hey,I am a big TV Smith fan.And then there is 'Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts' ... Man, that seems like a long time ago.Holy sh*t, that was a long time ago!Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I hope to buy this one from Mr Smith in Blackpool, at the Rebellion Festival.
Robert - Stockholm

Roadrunner said...

Stunningly beautiful, stunningly good. Just buy it