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Sunday, 8 May 2011


I don’t get my sorry arse to many gigs these days on account of the price of getting to ‘em and then the cost of the ticket, plus there’s not that many bands I want to go and see. So when I found out Knox and The Trailer Trash Orchestra were playing a pub a few miles up the road, and not only was it free entry, but there was an offer of a lift. (Cheers Chris and Haddy) my arse was ready to go.
Mind you I’d have gone on the train and paid to get in for this one. I mentioned a while back about The Vibrators gig on April 23rd, what I didn’t say was that it was to be Knox’s last gig with the band, as he wanted to work on some solo projects, like what he’s done with The Trailer Trash Orchestra, so last night (Sat 7th May) was one not to be missed, unlike The Vibrators one, when I couldn’t afford the train fare.
The venue; The Victoria Pub, well lets just say It’s a good job my cat didn’t want to go, cos the place was so small there wouldn’t have been room to swing it, and it’s a good job the audience wasn’t in the mood for a ho-down, co it would have been like dancing on a postage stamp.
The two sets The Trailer Trash chaps played were a nice mix of their own numbers, cover versions and ones that Knox got up and sang. I thought their reworking of Magazines Song From Under The Floorboards was genius, that’s until I heard what they did to Lords Of The New Church's Russian Roulette, truly inspired, shame they didn’t get Knox up to sing it with them, like he did on I Wanna Be Your Dog.
If the Trailer Trash Orchestra roll into a town near yours take a trip and go see ‘em, if they bring Knox along for the ride yer in for a special treat, if they don’t yer still in for a top night of toe tapping barnstorming Hill Billy Punk Rawk with a steel guitar, violin, mandolin and stand up bass. The Trailer Trash folk have got it all the look the sound, the attitude and the missing teeth. Nothing is taken too seriously this shit is real and it’s about having some fun in the darkness.


Chris Ripple said...

Oh Bollocks !
I've just sent you a few of Haddy's photo's and you beat us to it...
Oh well folks, if you wanna see what they were like in the 'Vic' then hassle the Wolf...
Good gig, and I can only echo the N.P.W. 'Russian Roulette' was inspired...
Go and see them, I believe their next gig is in Somerset next week ?

Longy said...

Sounds like a band worth seeing. A nice review Nuzz. Sad to hear Knox won't be gigging with the Vibrators anymore. Saw them last year and they were as good as they ever were live.