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Monday, 30 May 2011

DR MARTINS and NME Promo Download.

This was available last year through NME.Com to mark the 50th Anniversary of Dr Martins shoes/boots. A promotional thang uniting footwear with Rock’n’Roll, for those readers/listeners “aspiring to be the brand”. Readers of this blog should approach this download with extreme caution, cos what you get are ten tracks of cover versions. A definite case of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Noisettes should be put on trial for crimes against music for what they’ve done to The Buzzcocks classic Ever Fallen In Love, the same goes for Verbal and Yoon for their treatment of The Runaways Cherry Bomb. The jury’s out on what the Duke Spirit have done to Sham 69’s If The Kids are United, which is to turn it into a synth/guitar drone akin to Suicide if they were fronted by Siouxsie Sioux on downers. Not that it’s all criminal. Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club put in a haunting version of The Pogues Dirty Old Town, but the highlight of it all, and the only reason I posted this is Michael Davis from the MC5 taking Canadian politico-punkers DOA’s Something Is Not Right With Me and giving it even more balls than it had before, if that’s possible. There’s also a bunch of wannabees, mightbees and will neverbees covering tunes by Human League, Jeff Buckley, Stone Roses and Max Romeo, but I’ve no idea who they are, nor do I want to know. Life’s full of enough shit without adding to it! But hey don’t just take my word for it. Here have a blast for yerself.


Anonymous said...

Cheerz Nuzz!
Always a good reason to visit your Blog - it's different to the rest!
i guess sometimes it's good when one blog compliments another,by posting a similar item...but more often its good to slide off the horizon into uncharted territory.
you must be the 'Davey Crocket' of the blog frontier!

Anonymous said...

I miss my 'ol Docs.


Hi Nuzz
I want to hear that just by curiosity...

biopunk said...


MJG196 said...

Thanks, Nuzz!

Brasil said...

This album is a solid hail mary, that crashes down in the best possible way. It's a must have album. Another Gold Album for certain!