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Friday, 13 May 2011


Imagine my surprise and delight to find the package pictured opposite had unexpectedly popped through my letter box the other day: A glossy 10 page A5 magazine and 16 Track CD. Those good people at Topplers Records, Scotland’s premier micro DIY label have released another compilation See Dee, their fourth. Once again featuring and show caseing some of the artists on their roster. This is late 70’s early 80’s post punk for the modern age. I mean where else are you gonna find former Swell Maps, Jowe Head and Phones Sportsman, with their twisted pop songs and seventies scenester Steve Treatment, then from over the English Channel there’s The Existentialists with their pop art blues, or how about some fuzzed out garage rock poetry from Dan Melchior. The Armedalite Rifles from New Jersey are Indeed Shambolic. What about some instrumental Rock’n’Roll from The Knockouts? The fucked up folk of Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, the electronic pop throb of Gang, and the more extreme electro of Drowned UFO or the twiddly tweeks by The Skirlin’ Bursters. Take a trip with Scotish JapRockKrautrockers The No Men, and float away with the blissed out ambient sounds capes of Noveller. This is a brilliant collection of , off the wall Rock’n’Roll experimental and shambolic electronical musical pop madness, or what ever you want to call it and it’s all available here for a bargain bustin’ recession fuckin’ price of £1.20, and that’s just for the postage. CLICK, CLICK and wait for the postman.


paul groovy said...

.....and anyone reading this who hasn't sent off for it yet...GO DO IT!!!! NOW!!!!!

Longy said...

Cheers for the heads up Nuzz. Ordered!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I went to the site and ordered it +another single

A collective old recordings...... said...
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Anonymous said...

Great link. enjoyed the CD.
How about this label
Bringing indie/experimental/DIY music into the 21st century with releases on VHS cassettes, magnetic tape in glass bottles, obsolete computer media and my favourite 2 track garage rock compact cassette packaged in a melted 7" single. Truly strange.
Martin Clabburn

Chris Ripple said...

Anything with the Armedalite Rifles on has to be worthwhile...