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Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Bin thinking about my DivShare file deletions and what to do and have decided:
1) It's a shame, but Shit Happens!
2) Hopefully regular visitors will have grabbed what they wanted and left what they didn't.
3) If you are a new visitor to the den, and there's anything you do want that's dead, leave a comment at the latest post, and I'll re-post it for ya.
4) Over a year and this is the first time it's happened.
5) Was costing me nowt. (would have been well, well pissed off if I'd been paying)
6) You never know, they might suddenly turn up. (yeah right)
7) We are at the mercy of the machine, it is controlling us. Just one click is all it takes and it all crashes down as quickly as it arrived, (depending on yer internet connection.)
8) I've got plenty more of the same sort of musical left to for u all.
9) Looks like 2008 is gonna be a new beginning after all.
10) ????????????


Anonymous said...

I downloaded pretty much all the music you have posted up in recent times. As far back as your Chron Gen posting. I can upload some to Rapidshare and Megaupload if you like as I just bought a months worth of subscription with each of them and I've got a bit of spare time. Erm, I just need to know what band/groups were uploaded originally. Or maybe I could look back at your postings?

garychching said...

hey gooooood news all my divshare files are back as well.

I hope yours are as well

Anonymous said...

well since you're asking ;) a re-up of the deviants' human garbage would be greatly appreciated !
thanx, dc.

annie's animal said...

files on line again!!!!!
that's good 'cause i uploaded many files to divshare and i can not reupload them all again to another server..
(i was thinking to shut down my blog...)
nuzz try also 4shared...

JamesBond@ge said...

Yeah, Nuzz's files seem to be back up. I tried a few of them and they are downloading alright. I tried The Pogues one however, and it saves on my Drive straight away as 0kb??

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for all yer comments and offers of help, and yes files have returned, will check pogues for you james, will reup deviants for you dc, soon. That would have been bad, bad news annie.

John Liedown said...

Sounds like the server had gone or some such, samething happened with mediafire a while back. In the interim i've been having much fun drunkenly scrawling all over yer myspace.