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Monday, 14 January 2008

STEVE LAKE - Murder, Violence, Sex, Divorce. (Vinyl-Rip)

This is the first album by Steve Lake, formerly the singer/bassist in Zounds, it carries on in a similary vein to their Dancing single. 8 tracks: In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall/The Vigilante/The Comedy Years/Accidents In The Home/Dog/Welcome To The Monkey House/Another Day Another Divorce/????// Released in 1985 on Not So Brave Records. It is a haunting and hypnotic journey through Thatchers Britain, like an off kilter Pet Shop Boys in places, dark compelling stuff, which pre dates the Dance/Rock crossover sound by at least 4 years. Get it here!


geranium said...

Hey. When I try to download, I get the following message from 4shared: "The file is suspected of illegal or copyrighted content. Please contact link publisher or
use our search engine to find a file or folder". Hu?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Bollocks, not again, back to divshae, cheers geranium, redoing it now.

Harry B'Stard said...

Spoke to Steve when Zounds came to town way back when, struck me as being a bloody nice and clever bloke. Seemed a bit jumpy, but then I was a bit fired up, pumped full of amphetamines

I bought a 12'' of one of the tracks on this but can't seem to find it and can't recall what it was called

Hey ho, senility at it's worst, says he listening to Do It Dog Style

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

How ya doing Harry, it's bin a while. Aaah! amphetamines, yes indeed, back in the days. Take care Mr b'stard allways good to hear from ya.