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Friday, 18 January 2008


In a bid to maintain popularity amongst the people, Gordon Brown has decided to opt out of receiving a large pension when he ceases to be Prime Minister. Good for you Gordon, but you’re still a c**t! In a damage limitation excersise and a bid to stop the binge drinking culture of death that people today are drowning in, the Government is looking at curbing the amount of cheap alcohol that supermarkets are selling. The words Horse, Shutting, Stable, Door, After and Bolted spring to mind, still better late than never I suppose, after all it’s only recently the government have linked alcohol abuse to the anti social behaviour of some young people. What a bunch of c***s! (the government that is) While I’m on the subject of the yoof, last night I watched a program on MTV (the only music television with no music on it) called Sweet Sixteen. MTV is marketed squarely at young people, and what they are broadcasting into their bedrooms needs to be seen to be believed. I felt cheap and dirty after watching the program. Yes I could have turned it off or smashed up my TV in disgust, but hey in order to offer any critical observation first you have to observe. The program was a docu-reality show about a ‘spoilt little rich kid‘and their birthday party. It focused on the planning of and the actual party, were they and their friends showed themselves to be the most obnoxious and self centred individuals to have been born, it reinforced values of conspicuous consumption, greed, celebrity culture and the cult of the individual. It was the stuff that the majority of young viewers could only dream of and that’s my point. Children should not be subjected to this shit, so they grow up thinking those sort of values are a good thing to have and wanting that sort of life style, when the reality is it aint gonna happen. It’s no wonder that many turn to drink and anti social behaviour when they realise that their reality aint like what it is on the telly. Perhaps the government should put a curb on what is broadcast for young people?


CHI said...

I have always believed that this celebrity culture was going to kill the younger generations. You ask the average 16 yr old what they want to be and they'll say "famous", ask Famous for what and they dont even know!! our society is very sick, replacing true heroes, (whats wrong with wanting to be a nurse or a fireman? oh yeah, new labour made those professions un attractive to the average person) with vacant, self imoportant footballers and "glamour" models. no wonder kids today think they are owed it all, they are told you have a RIGHT to anything you want without anyone ever telling them they have to work to earn rights and respect! RESPECT is something that most of these kids do not deserve, they cant even respect themselves, abusing their bodies with cheap booze, knives and casual sex. young girls who think so little of themselves that they go to parties, let some bloke they cant even remember have sex with them, and this is all perpetrated by a media that constantly tells them, sex is casual, un important, and to be shared as often and as carelessly as possible. THIS SOCIETY IS SICK!!!!!!

CAT said...

Second that chi, we certainly live in a media and cult of personality time.Yoof culture can be rich and powerful all those who were youth in the late seventies and early eighties will testify to that with the music the cloths and the general atmosphere of the times,
( i know many of you were active in the punk and anarcho scene back in the day, including Nuzz) and i guess to some extent some youth of the 90's will have also experienced that. but i certainly am glad i ain't a youth today, what is there for them, everyone is dressed to kill and i mean that literally the same gangsta look the same souless music they listen to and believe is REAL while the brainless moron singing it is sitting in some fucking mansion in LA, some american rap(pers) have got a lot to answer for.Where are the clash's and the jam's and the redskins of the world to at least set a balance, what they got instead blink 182 and the offspring.THIS SOCIETY IS NOT ONLY SICK BUT ALSO DYING IN MEDIOCRITY.

Claudius said...

I surfing around on some other blogs, and I accidentally bumped into a comment you left on a Nips post. You said that you thought you had a Peel Session of theirs. Is that true?--If so, will you post it?
That would easily make my year, I am a huge Shane MacGowan fan.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

What can I say chi and cat, not a lot that you haven't both said in yer great comments, cheers for taking time to 'stick the boot in', nice wun. No Nips, sorry claudius, think it must have got lost over the passing of time.