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Saturday, 5 January 2008


The people of Kenya are being hacked to death, there is turmoil in Pakistan, for what? Democracy; which means all things to all people, and amongst societies split by religious, ethnic and tribal divisions, the only results of ‘free elections’ is bloodshed. Who are the West to judge, when thanks to the age of empire and imperialism we have left countries with a legacy of , economic and political poverty. When the West does ’interfere’ into other countries business, it is still based on economic and geopolitical reasons. Where are the UN? Just like the rest of us, they watch it live on Sky TV and do nothing. Also lets look briefly at what democracy means to America and Britain, US 2000 election, marred in controversy over voting in Florida, and recently in Britain, problems with postal votes and accusations of vote rigging in Local council elections by the Labour party. That’s democracy for you!


cat said...

Dirty word that "DEMOCRACY"......
But don't be too hard on the west there nuzz..sometimes the indeginous population(s) don't know whats good for them. I think a lack of education and blind tribal following dosen't help the situation in some 3rd world countrys. peace and out.

Bloater999 said...

Agree on many points - but what are the alternatives to democracy?

Sadly leaving countries to settle on power based on ethnic divides creates partition and real seperation - even countries like Malaysia which are outwardly successful have divided populations based on race with massive inequalities - just ask a malaysian Tamil... And for God sake don't be a woman in Saudi!

garychching said...

hey Nuzz you having problems with divshare again. I am getting no updates when somebody downloads, and some of the donwloads keep looping?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

alternatives to democracy, that's a tough one bloater, perhapes something that isn't a model of western democracies,one that accounts for the divisions and differences and accountability is centralised, more of a communist model, I dunno...Perhapes some times people do need to 'be forced to be free', but it's the wests hypocracy, that gets me cat. Cheers for getting involved folks, i'm sure i'll return to the subject at some point.