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Saturday, 19 January 2008

VICTIMS OF THE PESTILENCE - Born To Leave (Illegal Records 12" Vinyl-Rip)

Hailing from Hitchin and Letchworth in North Herts. Victims Of The Pestilence formed in Feb 1981 following in the wake of ‘local heroes’ Chron Gen, who they played their first gig with at a Rock Against Thatcher event. The original line up featured: Adie - Guitar/Vocals, Fran - Bass, and a ‘hidden’ member Chris on Drum Machine. They played regularly in the local area, including a support slot with Chelsea in Stevenage. Gene October was, an early champion of the band, who invited them to support Chelsea at the 100 club, he also signed them to Step Forward Records and the plan was for him to produce a 3 track ep, which never materialised, why? I don’t know. It wasn’t until 1988 that they released their first offering; a 5 track 12” Born To Leave on Illegal Records, by now the band had expanded to a 4 piece the drum machine being replaced by Jon Johnson from Chron Gen and Vocal duties taken over by Gub, the brother of Rising Free fanzine editor and former Chron Gen manager Gez Lowry, who was now managing Victims Of The Pestilence. Sadly the bands punk pop psychedelic sound failed to set the world alight and after a self financed 12” A Common Purpose they disappeared from the radar, until now that is! So if you wanna be a victim of the pestilence and are born to leave click here! and if you fancy getting a common purpose just leave a comment and I’ll get round to posting it sometime along with all the other shit that I haven’t got round to; Folk In Hell Tape, The Genocides, The Vibrators and some Trash On Delivery, patience good people.


geranium said...

Do you have more of this ? I really like it. Thanx.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I'll post their Common Purpose 12" in the re-up request bit some time soon geranium, yeah I like 'em, got a certain charm. Take care.

francesco said...

thank ou very much for the victims of the pestilence files. I'm going to sell my record in these days and i was looking for a cd to replace it! i really love their music since i was living in london.
ciao from italy!

slimbo said...

having trouble downloading this 1 can you help please neeed to hear this as not heard it since last sen live

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Just checked link, it was working fine, a bit slow and took a few tries, but it is there, patience and perseverence slimbo, you know it's gonna be worth it, no problem francesco.