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Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I heard a ‘story’ on the radio today; It was about a Muslim shop assistant at Marks and Spencer’s who had allegedly refused to serve a customer with a “Bible Book” as it offended their faith. What the Fuck! Why the need to make a story of an employee who was not doing their job? Cos that’s all it is, break down ‘the facts’ and take away the Muslim and bible parts, and what have you got? A shop assistant refusing to serve a customer, like I said “not doing their job” Sack ‘em, discipline them, whatever, just don’t waste my time broadcasting this sort of bollocks, cos that’s what it is. It seems that in these ‘good new days’ the word Muslim is mentioned and BANG! It all explodes like a suicide bomber, causing problems and issues that often aren’t there until they are highlighted by the media. But hey, it helps make scapegoats of the minority and takes the masses minds off the real shit that is going down.


cat said...

Here, Here,well spoken nuzz, if the kids are united.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

cheers cat.

Chris Ripple said...

Yeah, I read that before I skedaddled away for a holiday in the sun... Unfortunately I had to come back again to this dump, but... I went to a 90% muslim country in Africa to see a friend and I was made welcome everywhere by everybody in what can only be described by us 'whitey's' as a 'township slum'. After three days I was invited to a baby's naming ceremony by the family who didn't know me from Adam (or Eve) but who said that since I was visiting their country and one of their (Christian) friends, I must be alright...

This 'muslim' shit is just that. A bunch of bigoted and murderous bastards posing as religious know alls. I was the only white face outside the hotel in the township and I could walk the unlit streets at night with my friend's children (4 girls between 9 and 19) and their friends without any fear whatsoever, and the one taxi driver who tried to fuck me over was given a 'serious' warning by the locals not to try and do it again.
I made a lot of new friends out there and they're all muslim so what does that tell you apart from the fact that our media just love twisting facts to suit themselves.
M & S should just sack the cunt for being a religious bigot.