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Wednesday, 30 January 2008


These recordings literally fell out of the sky and hit me on the head, well almost, while putting some stuff into my loft a box of tapes fell out, nearly knocking me off the ladder one of the tapes lying on the floor was this one. I’d forgot I even had it, well borrowed it years ago from the original recorder (cheers Simon.H) the rest of the tapes aint worth writing home about, but this one, well……………..
Where to begin? suppose the venues a start; Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage, and when? 1981 In the space of 2 months Manufactured Romance played a couple of great gigs there and then. Considering this tape is nearly 27 years old, the quality aint too bad, a bit ropey at the beginning but it improves, and is very listenable to, especially when the bands recorded output was minimal; one single, posted here ages ago and a couple of tracks on a compilation album and that was it. Imagine Penertration and X-Ray Spex. Listening to these gigs shows what a great band Manufactured Romance were, a real loss to the 80’s music scene after they disappeared. It also captures the atmosphere from what I remember at both gigs with noisy audiences and skinheads chanting “4th Reich”, the bands original and slightly dubious name. While converting the tape I was transported back there to a room full of punks and skinheads jumping about wildly to the sound of punky pop’n’roll. The only song titles I can tell you they played over both gigs are “Time Of My Life”, “You” and a cover of “Knock On Wood” Great stuff, both then and now. Experience both those nights in February and April 1981 for yourselves and have a read of the article/interview from local fanzine Snot Rag, that accompanies this post while your at it.


garychching said...

Hey Nuzz, I am curious now,I used to go and see 4th Reich and latterly Manufactured Romance, we all used to be UK. Subs fans and then saw 4th Reich support them.

where do you come from?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ah! curiosity killed the cat gary, what a shit band they were. Nah I'm from the'nidge, or Stevenage to give it its full title, you must have gone to Bowes Lyon during the 80's, saw some right good gigs there.

English Paul said...

According to the Manufactured Romance Myspace page the bands material is getting released on CD soon. About bloody time I say. Thanks for this post Nuzz - Nina has such a great voice :)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem paul, maan I was extatic when I found the tape, and yeah I heard there was a CD coming out and as you say indeed about bloody time.

Phil Beckett said...

Oi oi Fella!! Nuzz....alright mate, it's Phil Pain here, hope ya good! I've been looking all over the place for recordings of Manufactured Romance (used to be called 4th Reich,) when I came across your blog saying you had 2 from Bowes Lyon. I was beside myself to see there was a link for them but, alas, the link is dead. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell me you've still got 'em mate, I'm still in touch with Nina (singer) and I'm sure she would like copies as well. Here's hoping for small miracles, take care bruv, Phil