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Monday, 7 January 2008

It would appear that now New Labour are skint, and have had well documented issues with party funding that they have either gone cap in hand to their ’traditional’ funders the Trade Unions, or the unions have taken advantage of their former friends current plight, either way there is financial help being sought and offered. Secret meetings between ministers and union officials have been taking place behind closed doors in Downing Street. In return for ’their’ cash the Unions have got Gordon Brown to reverse Blairs labour reforms and are asking that any government money that goes to private business, only goes to firms that are prepared to introduce fresh rights for their workers. Those that swing to the right will no doubt shout No! it’s gonna be a return to the ’bad old days’ of 3 day weeks and the country being helled to ransome by ‘greedy workers’ It’s no wonder that the meetings have been secret and not widely reported in the press, especially when Gordon is calling for financial restraint amongst public sector workers and pay rises. Looks like there’s gonna be interesting times ahead in these ’good new days’


Wiff said...

On a slightly different note...
Unbelievably I heard on the news this morning jack Straw making the following comment about the Prison Service and their right to industrial action - "There's a clash of principles here. On the one hand the right of people to take industrial action, which in general, obviously, we fully support.

"But also, in respect of certain absolutely fundamental services to the security of the state, like the police, like the armed services and yes, like the prison service, you can't actually allow industrial action."

It seems that this dire and corrupt government are now 'considering' ( which means its been decided) making it unlawful for prison Officers to go on strike! Who's next I wonder? Its surely only a matter of time before the definition of 'fundamental services' extends to teachers, nurses, social workers, in fact ANY council/NHS employee???? God almighty, can people not see the direction in which this govt are pushing us in??

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers wiff, well said.I just wish people would start pushing the shit back at 'em. Still it must be hard being tied down with mortgages, debts etc,talk of reccessions... ah!, the beauty of capitalism,with the help of politicians, it makes slaves of us all if we let it.