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Monday, 28 January 2008


Right then, here’s some music, a day late, but hey….Hopefully this will tie up any loose ends with re-ups and requests. First up are THE DEVIANTS, with some added social deviancy from Wayne Kramer (MC5) with their Human Garbage album. Next we’ve got a great little compilation of all things lo-fi, alternative and obscure from the late 70’s early 80’s.. FOLK IN HELL, released by Fuck Off records. It would appear that there were two different versions issued with alternate artists and track listings, the other one is available on the wondrous Kill Your Pet Puppy site, the copy here includes; Mark Perry, Steve Lake, The Mob, The Astronauts, Here and Now amongst others. I’ve finally got round to Preston’s finest rock’n’rollers THE GENOCIDES with the rest of their recordings, the B-Side to No Romance and their track Private Hell, taken from the Trash On Delivery compilation released by Flicknife Records, I would have posted the whole album, but Sons Of The Dolls beat me to it (not that there was a race) so if you fancy some trash, glam, punk take a trip there and grab some. Last and definitely by no means least it’s THE VIBRATORS with their 1997 out of print album French Lessons With Correction, great stuff. All the links are in the Re-Ups/Request bit to yer left and scroll down. Have used 4shared for these files, due to Divshare nearly reaching monthly download limit, any problems let me know. If any Divshare links are dead this is only temporarily, until after Feb 16th then they will be activated again, until monthly download limit is reached. Nearly forgot was also due to post THE APOSTLES/JOY OF LIVING, but have a major problem with this as…before I had the technology to convert to digital I lent a stack of things to a ’mate’ to convert for me, which he did, I then lent him some more to convert including said release and a couple of Six Minute War eps, he has now disappeared off the radar, shrouded in mystery, involving possibly Social Services and a relocation program for his and his children’s protection. Shit happens! If you’re reading this, and you know who you are, get in touch mate, not just cos I want my records back, but to see that yer ok.


dc said...

thanks for the re-up mate, much appreciated !

Jeronyme said...

Thanx for the Genocides stuff! Much appreciated!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Better late than never hey guys, sorry 'bout the delay.

Anonymous said...

Nuzz - did I miss all of the post mentioned here?
I'd like to get some of them...

Nic (hextopus)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

nah, nic, they're over to the left (scroll down)to the repup request bit, if divshare says it's not available till.., its because i've used my download limit for the month, and files wont be available until the date divshare says, but as it's you if links are temporarly dead let us know and i'll see what I can do. Is it the Folk in hell yer after?

ronnie said...

thanks for posting private hell track by the genocides . been after it for ages and i was in the band !
not sure how to convert a rar track but im sure i`ll figure it out .
thanks again