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Sunday, 15 March 2009


25 years since the miners strike and the anger it all caused; communities fighting against communities scabs and flying pickets, workers against the government and workers against workers. The IRA were still active on the streets of Northern Island as were the British Army. Oh how times haven’t changed, we’re in an economic crisis, and a socio/political one aint too far off.
The British Army parading through Luton after marching through Iraq and Afghanistan. What did they expect? I mean not only has the town got a high population of Muslims, but security agencies have identified radicalised groups in the town. The small percentage who demonstrated played right into the hands of the media by directing their anger at the soldiers rather than the government, but it was a provocative decision taken by the powers that be, which achieved it’s aim of negative media coverage and more fuel to the fires of Islamaphobia. The recent attacks in Northern Ireland, by the ‘Real IRA’ as oppose to the other ones operating during the 70’s and 80’s who weren’t Real at all? It wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t some complicit covert operations going on there in order to cause unrest.
State sanctioned destabilisation, because the state is all powerful in times of fear and crisis. “War is the health of the state” as some old philosopher once said (fucked if I can remember his name) If there is any dissent it aint gonna be just the workers, because there are for more disparate and desperate groups of unhappy people. Pensioners who’ve seen their savings and pensions disappear, white/blue collar workers who’ve seen their jobs go, environmentalists who are seeing the environment go. The British jobs for British workers debate hasn’t gone away. Post Office closures, small businesses not being able to get credit, and people with a general distrust of our leaders. There are tinderboxes everywhere just waiting to ignite. Light the blue touch paper and stand back. If the fear of having details taken for databases and being locked up and labelled a terrorist for speaking out against the state doesn’t stop people, then the time is right for direct action/non violent, whatever yer bag protest is right!
Next month the G20 summit takes place in the UK, it’s when the leaders of the worlds most powerful countries are meeting to decide on a global response to the present economic crisis
It will be interesting to see what happens on the streets of the UK then. How will the people respond to the world leaders, and the crisis that they are partly responsible for, the rest of the blame lies with the people who bought into the capitalist system and all it’s promises of luxury and freedom, lets hope the people don’t buy into The New World Order that America and Britain have been trying to build for the last 25 years.


Colin Todhunter said...

You've totally nailed it!

Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

You should see the garbage that emerged on our local on-line community forum in Plymouth after Luton - sad sad sad - but totally predictable

Heroinhead said...

Wonderful post Nuzz... I'm with Colin.

From reading you, I can only assume you write for a living... if not, you should be.

Best wishes Prowling Wolf & keep well... the world needs people like you.

city baby attacks rats said...

As the UK goes so will the rest of the world eventually. Sounds like your even worse off then us over here in the peoples republik of amerika. The not federal not a bank federal reserve has been letting the printing presses go for a couple years now. Slack against the machine contribute nothing is the answer. Suiciety is obsolete just like crapitalism.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers you good people, we are not alone!