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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sick of it all

I’m getting sick and tired of all these adverts about your health and what’s good for you and what’s not. It seems like we’re living in some Brave New World scenario where no one has the right to be ill, unhealthy or diseased. Well we all should have the right to do what we like, so long as it doesn’t harm others; drinking, smoking, and eating what we choose. As for the argument about health costs and why should the state pay the price for individual choices, so long as a person has paid into the system through taxation, then they should be able to claim what is their right, not that they’ll get it, cos all the moneys gone on wars against terrorism; to maintain the health of the state. Anyway, if all this junk food, cigarettes and alcohol are that bad for people, why give them the chance and choice to buy it anyway? Because money talks and bullshit walks, recently a top government advisor recommended that the price of alcohol should rise, in order to try and cut down on the binge drinking culture, and what did the government do? Nothing, that’s what and why not? Because they didn’t want to make the majority suffer because of the minority. What a load of bollocks! Since when have the government cared about upsetting any one? No they didn’t want to lose the revenue that the drinks industry brings in, like I said I’m getting sick and tired of it all.


burn it all down said...

Mommygov knows whats best now open your wallet please.

Highlander said...

You're right nuzz.