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Saturday, 7 March 2009

THE RAMONES - Milton Keynes Bowl 22/6/85

I thought this recording was gonna be lost to me (and to you) I started to convert it to digital format and it was all going OK, no problem with the opening number Durango 95, then suddenly "I..m..a..T..e..e..n..a..g..e..L..o..b..o..t..o..m..y The tape slowed down and then a cassette deck full of chewed up and snapped tape. I tried to fix it but to no avail. BOLLOCKS! Then a few days later I came across a copy on a forum, (Guitars101 I think), and thought fuck it, I’ll use that copy (hence the not so high bit rate) This is a fast, frantic and furious set from da brudders Ramone, no surprises there, recorded at a festival they played at Milton Keynes Bowl along with REM and U2, as part of their tour to promote Too Tough To Die, the last great Ramones album in my opinion. I caught a couple of their London dates earlier on that year, they were electric. Anyway enough of this shit here’s the goods!


peter said...


I was lucky enough to attend shows by all four lineups of the Ramones, and there's no question in my mind that the one with Ritchie on the throne rocked the hardest.

gabba gabba hey!

Longy said...

Cheers Nuzz,I promised myself I wouldn't download sod all tonight but I'm breaking my promise in a big way. Nice one.

John Liedown said...

Ha Ha! I was there for this. Spear played as well. REM yet to be massive, were bottled all the way through. I can remember being just fuckin freezin and miserable all the way through U2's set. (Never been a U2 fan) The Ramones were fuckin brillant that day.
Cheers Nuzz!

Lobotomy said...

Awesome !!
"....and there's no question in my mind that the one with Ritchie on the throne rocked the hardest."
I agree with you

Thanx a lot mate !!

Fat Reg said...

Thanks! I was going to digitise my tape of this show, but this might save me the trouble. I'll compare this with my tape though, in case mine's better, in which case will convert it and upload it for you.