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Saturday, 28 March 2009

"London Calling to the far away towns/Now that war is declared/And battle come down!”
As forces mass in London today for what is planned to be a peaceful demonstration against the evils of globalisation, I hear on the radio that police are preparing for trouble, and have said that they will use anti-terror laws against protesters. Just who are the trouble makers? FIGHT THEIR POWER!


Heroinhead said...

Afternoon Nuzz,

Nice to see you keeping up the fight for us...

Anti-terror laws??? Aren't these suposed to be used specifically against terrorists (whatever that is)? in many ways it reminds me of the old 'sus' law... arresting people on suspicion of being suspiscious.

You sent me a mesage a while back:
"The world was fucked up then & it's fucked up now..."

Yep, you was bang on.

Take care & BW, Shane.

Borstal Breakout said...

Henry Kissinger says anyone who opposes globalization is a terrorist.

Heroinhead said...

Kissinger also wore dame edna specs... so i think that makes anything he says obsolete.

yarbles said...

Yea Henry Kikeinger and Maddy Albright never seem to fuck off and die it boggles the mind.

Kostas said...

The governments are the true terrorists

slavery is freedom said...

Just read an article about 200 youths in U.K. singled out for being potential terrorists. Now they will be stigmatized and traumatized. That sounds like terrorism to me treating kids in this manner.

the memory hole said...

Don't mean to flood your comments but that article is '200 children identified as potential terrorists' Source: UK Independent

Anonymous said...

The first non jury trial has today been given the go-ahead. You can pretty much kiss goodbye to any form of justice from now on.