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Sunday, 8 March 2009

One for the road.

So the Great British pub is calling last orders up and down the land. On of the reasons cited for these closures is people drinking cheap supermarket booze at home. Guess what? Tescos are looking at buying up these former pubs, to create small town centre stores, selling cheap booze no doubt. Still every little bit helps; we’ve got a society were crime is often alcohol related and people are drinking themselves into ill health if statistics are to be believed. Flood the market, Fuck up the people, then monopolise it and let the government control them with safe units of alcohol consumption and asbos. Aaah! The smell of free market capitalist bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Wasn’t aware that Tesco were buying up the pubs. But in truth, no different to the like's of Wetherspoon buying up Ye Olde locals and turning them into huge booze barns full of pissed up teens up for a ruck, whereas before they were full of old timers quietly supping their ale and playing draughts.

To be honest I welcome the opportunity of drinking cheap Merlot within the safety and relative comfort of my own four walls. Always reminded of an experience of going for a quiet drink in Harlesden before a gig, only to be approached by a pissed up sectarian fuckwit and being told ‘Wrong pub, mate’.

Longy said...

I hope when you go to your local Tesco to get your cheap Merlot,they give you a carrier bag!