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Thursday, 26 March 2009

NIKKI SUDDEN - The Jewel Thief (Vinyl Rip)

It was 3 years ago today that Nikki Sudden departed to that great rock’n’roll gig in the sky, leaving behind an enormous and amazing amount of recorded material, some of which appears on this here blog. I posted the single I Belong To You that was taken off this album a while back, so I suppose it was about time to post the album, and now seems as good a day as any to do it, so here yer go, a little something to remember Nikki by. It doesn’t come close to his classic work with Dave Kusworth as the Jacobites, mind you not much does, but it’s still a great album with some fine moments. Recorded in Atlanta Georgia with members of REM on instrument and production duties. It was released in 1991, and re-released in 2000 under a different title; Liquor, Guns and Ammo. Anyway here ya go. Enjoy, and have a drink or two for Nikki, who lived his life the way he wanted to, and left some brilliant and beautiful music behind. Stay pure, stay true, stay free and "Stay bruised"


Anonymous said...

RIP Nikki

Still missed

icastico said...

Great artist.
Great record.

gobacktogo said...

Thanks a lot for posting this man, like I said before I've been searching for this for a looooong time.

It's still on my vinyl wantlist but at least now I can listen to it.

R.I.P. Nikki, stay bruised!

daniel said...

Your blog is great and is now one of our favorites . Do you have other Gun Club's bootlegs ? Indeed , it's hard to find ...
Thank you !

gomonkeygo said...

Good album, great musician. Thanks for keeping Nikki alive.

Winston's Cigar said...

Nikki was a great guy and a great artist. This is one of his best records. I kinda wish the sound on this rip was a bit better, but, anyway: Thanks for spreading the word about Nikki's music. Not enough people are doing that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm searching for a Nikki Sudden song, but don't know its title or CD. It contains lyrics "I don't know what to say, don't know what to do, I'm in a Russian zoo..." Can you possibly identify this? Thank you!!!