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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Gordon 'Bloody' Brown!

The only red nose I wanna see for Comic Relief. He's certainly done something with our money, they only thing is; I aint fucking laughing!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it’s all Gordon’s fault ain’t it? If not him, then Fred The Shred. Everyone with half brain saw this coming. The fault couldn’t be collectively ours by any chance? For borrowing too much, living beyond our means to much, aspiring to lifestyles that were ultimately beyond us? But as with everything in this modern society, it’s always someone else’s fault, right?. If we trip over on a pavement slab…sue the fuckin council!!

Be careful what you wish for. If you thought Thatcher was bad, Cameron will be your worst nightmare. More will go under than in the distant days of the eighties.

Longy said...

You couldn't be more wrong. No,of course the fault couldn't be collectively ours. We ain't in charge are we? People are losing their livelyhood everyday,Pensioners are having their life savings wiped out by zero interest rates,teenagers are getting stabbed to death and this Country is going to the dogs.

If my Football club are playing like a bunch of kunts,then its the man in charge who gets sacked (the Manager)Its a shame the same can't be done with the Manager of this Country too(Gormless Brown)

PS If I trip over a loose paving slab,of course I'll sue the Council. Its their fault for not maintaining the slabs (and Tescos for selling me cheap alcohol : - )

Heroinhead said...

Nuzz Prowling Wolf, thanks for signing as a follower of my blog. I've repaid the compliment, though not out of politeness, but because you've a wonderful site going here. I think you've the best layout of all the blogs I've come across. And even more importantly, I scroll down and fall across HANOI!!! Well, you've won me over... what a fantastic band they were/are.

You take care & we'll get to know each other during the next few weeks. Shane.