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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live @ The Lyceum, London Oct 9th 1983

This post very nearly didn’t happen, I was saving the favourite of my Thunders tapes until last, after playing it regularly over the years since picking it up from Camden market a couple of months after the actual gig, when it came to convert it to digital, it went the same way as The Ramones one I posted a while back…Fucked! It’s only thanx to a certain Mr ic1960 over at the Chatterbox forum, and original taper of the gig, (small world that’s got even smaller with the help of the internet) that I can bring you this. It was a cold October night in 1983, when Johnny Thunders brought his Cosa Nostra (Jerry Nolan, Billy Rath and Michael Thirman) to town but the Lyceum was hot with 2 hours of pure Thunders; sometimes together, sometimes falling apart, but pure entertainment, 30 songs spanning his career from the New York Dolls (Personality Crisis, Jet Boy), through The Heartbreakers, (Chinese Rocks, Let Go) to his solo stuff from 1978 (London Boys) to his 1982 re-birth (In Cold Blood, Sad Vacation), a few standard Thunders covers (These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Be Bop a Lula), plus a short acoustic segment, ‘special guests’ made appearances; Peter Perritt and Patti Paladin. This was pure Rock’n’Roll as the devil wanted it played. It was also the gig that got me hooked on the Thunders live experience, which resulted in nights spent on cold railway stations and in strange students flats around the country after many a Thunders performance. Anyway, here what ya think. Side One’s here and Side Two’s there. Enjoy!


planckzoo said...

Tanks, Tunders live is always much appreciated. I saw him a bunch o times during the 80s, in venues big and small. Johnny was always entertaining, even on those nights when he could not stand up.

J.N said...

Thanks for this! It sounds like a wonderful gig to attend. I saw him for the first time in june 1983, the day after the Cosa Nostra Never Sleeps gig, in Stockholm, but he was drunk as hell and didnt do too well.

Luckily I got to see a couple of more gigs later that was excellent.

Anonymous said...

A great gig. I bought the tape(s) from a regular stall at the top of Portobello Rd a few weeks later. Unlike yours Nuzz, my copy was split onto two C90’s. At £2.50 each this meant a total outlay of an astronomical fiver. When I asked him why he had split the show the tape stall guy (Eddie?) looked at me with a slightly shocked/confused expression and said ‘He was on for over two hours’.

Thanks for the additional clippings/review Nuzz.

Happy days


jean luc said...

Many thanks for uploading this gem !! I had not this one and it was a shame !!


Anonymous said...

Nice recording from the always rocking Mr Thunders. Thanks, a good one.