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Saturday, 2 January 2010

1st Untitled Post of 2010.

A few thought on this the second day of the next year. Bring it on! The last 10 years have been defined by: 9/11,a War on Terror, not in our name. Blair the Liar. Brown the Fool. As chancellor he signed the cheques that funded the war in Iraq as Prime Minister he can’t spend any money, cos he hasn’t got any, we can all blame the bankers. MP’s expenses, Politicians exposed for the fuckers they are to the rest of the mass, who also now know that the Iraq War was bollocks, Afghanistan is our Vietnam and who have witnessed Capitalism start to crumble. Those that weren’t schooled by The Clash , Crass or MC5 and The Deviants now know or are beginning to see that the(ir) System doesn’t work.
There’s gonna be an election this year, should be interesting as all parties will try and convince the people that their ideas are the right ones and that their vision for Britain is the best. Who do we believe? None of ’em. Battlegrounds: Immigration, Crime, health, economy.
The media manipulates the minds of the masses, it helps keep people divided, because that way people need controlling, if more people used or had their own minds, they’d see where the problem was and realise who had the solutions.
The distrust and disillusion over the present political system needs to be built on. People need to get their voices heard. There needs to be a search for a common purpose a general sense of belonging between all the fragmented Social Movements. A united voice is gonna be heard louder!
Hung Parliament, yeah hang ’em all I know, but recently I’ve been hearing in the media that people think this would be a bad thing for Britain. This got me thinking that perhaps it would be a good thing for the country. I’ve always thought/believed that the only way to get any sort of government that represents people is to take bits from various politically ideologies and shape them into some sort of new ideology based on common and shared values.
Give real power back to the people, one that isn’t confined by red tape and controlled by bureaucrats or dictated to them by totalitarian leaders who think they know what‘s best. Power to the people, Power of the people, Power for the people. Let the people decide, and I aint talking about no X-Factor style voting judging panel, but I’m sure at some point it will come to this. The live television debate that’s been promised for the forthcoming election could make for interesting viewing. I dunno………..as we enter the next 10 years I feel that the times they are gonna be a changing and we are gonna have to adapt or attack!

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nekrodad said...

thank you my brother for the DMW !!!! at 1st i thought it was the gunslingers, but when i went to the link. i was like fucking a!!!! been looking for that forever.